Some Scenes of TAMA River

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      Bridges for a river become the standard how far you run today, when doing cycling for a bank of a river. You can have a fresh view of bridges while running calmly for a bank. They are different for shapes, colors for each, and characteristics are felt. Whenever you go past on them by car, they all look alike though. With shapes as a functional Beauty, how far bridges are dissolved into the nature and endeavors to be crowded, they are opposite from the nature around. There rarely is time as it became a natural portion. You can be saturated with a happiness mood then without a reason.

      Anyway, this is a feature article of bridges ( halfway up the river from Fuchu Yotsuya bridge to Gas bridge ) for Tama River. Please reference this page when you do cycling.
      Oh, enjoy happy time with your own responsibility to the utmost, as someone wrote it somewhere.

Name of bridges File size Distance from river mouth Photoed day
Fuchu-Yotsuya Bridge 1 45KB 36.5km 2001.05.06 from left bank
Fuchu-Yotsuya Bridge 2 42KB 2001.05.06 from left bank
Keio Railway-Takao Line Bridge 37KB 35.0km 2001.05.06 from left bank
Sekito Bridge 37KB 2001.05.06 from left bank
JR Nambu Line Bridge 49KB 32.0km 2001.01.28 from right bank
Koremasa Bridge 1 39KB 31.6km 2001.01.28 from right bank
Koremasa Bridge 2 35KB 2001.05.06 from left bank
Inaki Grand Bridge 40KB 29.4km 2001.05.06 from left bank
Tama River bank Bridge 42KB 28.0km 2001.05.06 from left bank
Keio Railway-Sagamihara Line Bridge 41KB 26.9km 2001.05.06 from left bank
Tama-Suidoh Bridge 41KB 23.0km 2001.04.28 from right bank
Odakyu-Odawara Line Bridge 48KB 22.85km 2001.07.01 from left bank
Tomei Highway Bridge 43KB 20.7km 2001.04.28 from right bank
New Futako Bridge 40KB 18.3km 2001.04.28 from right bank
Tokyu Railway-Denen Toshi Line Bridge 51KB 17.8km 2001.04.28 from right bank
National Road 3rd Keihin Bridge 45KB 16.6km 2001.04.28 from right bank
Tokyu Railway-Toyoko Line Bridge 42KB 13.25km 2001.04.28 from right bank
Maruko Bridge 49KB 13.1km 2001.04.28 from right bank
JR Yokosuka Line Bridge 47KB 12.85km 2001.04.28 from right bank
Gas Bridge 37KB 2001.04.28 from right bank

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