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   Huanglong, Yellow Dragon Pond specified for the UNESCO world natural heritage site in 1992 lies along the ring road for Jiuzhaigou sightseeing. Entering from the Songpan side is shortcuts to Huanglong from Chengdu. But this time we unexpectedly entered by the opposite way because it rained heavily two days ago, and this route was closed due to the cliff crumble and the flood. As for 470km from Mianyang to Huanglong, We had gotton on the bus, from 8 AM till 12 PM in the middlenight except for two meals.

(pic01) Still, the lane had buried more than the half here and there so that we had to get off the bus and exceeded on foot at the sudden fall site in the rain at times.
(pic02) We ate lunch at Pingwu bus stop along the road. It is a bus stop when only calling a station in China. A tourist was taken to long-distance coach's station when he leaps into a taxi and said, "Please go down to the station". That's the story often heard in China. After then the bus jolted along all the way. The river seemed to overflow, and sandbags were piled up actively in the town named Nanping. I dozed after dark some time but I felt chilly of my feet and awoke. There was heating before I knew. White mountains were dimly floating outside the window. We were just crossing a 4,400m ridge of Xuebaoding,Snow Treasure Peak.

(pic03) The ticket office that was adjacent to the hotel was 3,080m above the sea. We bought the ticket here, and started for seeing Huanglong which goal is Zhuanhua (whirling flower) Pool of 3,860m. Whether the oxygen can bought at the hotel is needed or not?

(pic04-06) We walked for a while on the plank road in the woods.
(pic07-16) Yingbin (welcoming guests) Colored Pools filled with green water has come into view before long. I would wanted to say that from here on you can enjoy the elegant harmony that the nature of the pond and the waterfall weaves. But I was difficult in breathing and had pains in the head. I often stood up quickly after squated down to take the photograph and then I felt dazzling. The ponds and falls in the photos were named Pengjing Lake, Mingjing Lake, Zhengyan Lake, Flying Fall, Lotus Waterfall etc.
(pic17) There was a bit wide plain in front of central temple, and I could be barely possible to rest.
(pic18-20) Comming here, Green Jade Peak (5,160m) on the left hand and Xuebaoding (5,588m) on the right hand both covered with snow were seen. The snow-capped mountains and surrounding autumnal tints made contrast, melting and they shined in the pond. Raining is indeed regrettable.
(pic21-22) The goal point on the sightseeing road was behind the Huanglong Temple and above Wucaichi, Five Coloured Pools. I reached the goal at last though I fell behind Mr. seniors who in his sixties and in his seventies, and nearly dropped out again and again.

(pic23) On the way from Huanglong to Juzhaigou, the Lamaism temple was seen.

         Photo by INO, Shohta

















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