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Shanghai, the largest city in China that has population of 14 million people. Though it left looks of the past settlement of Europe and America powers, it is a port where rapid development is continued as finance and a commercial center.

(pic01-02) The number of the apartment house and factory increases in the Pudong area after the Pudong Airport opened and the international flight had moved from the Hongqiao Airport. Seeing the Bund in the right hand and crossing the Nanpu Bridge you are in the old city at length.
(pic03-06) You can see the downtown scenery of China as usual if entering one step to back street though, the Main Street lines with the skyscraper and the construction rush continues whenever you come.
(pic07-08) Nanjin Lu known to the tourist has a old dountown bustle, but Huaihai Road with sophisticated atmosphere is popular among Shanghai youth. I met two young people of the soberly dressed and had the brown hair here but they were Japanese. the subway seems to have become more convenient after the second line had been ready.
(pic09-20) When visited Shanghai, you being most previously taken is Yu Yuan Gardens. The roofs that go up curving peculiar, the dragons on the wall and the garden stones also are beautiful. Pic19 is the decoration at the day of harvest moon.
(pic21-24) Nine bended bridge is suspended on the pond at the entrance of Yu Yuan Gardens. A lot of bridges of this shape are in the garden in China that is because ghosts who don't have foot could not possible to pedate on. Huxin cafe on the pond is a coffee shop of settled atmosphere.
(pic25-26) High-level dim sums are eaten in Liubolang with the history.
(pic27-29) It is often said that Yu Yuan market has downtown atmosphere, there seem to be a lot of shops to aim the visitors from the country, too. The tour conductor said, "Please forget you once were Japanese when you lost here."
(pic30-31) The building of Shanghai Museum is modern. We borrowed IC explanation machine recorded in Japanese at the entrance, and hanged on the neck.
(pic32-34) There is People's Square in front of the museum, municipal government building the opposite side. There also are music hall, theatre, art gallery etc. near by, too.
(pic35-38) The Bund breaks out along Huangpu River, and the buildings in the old settlement remain. There is the one having started inclining, the preservation seems hard. There is a stroll road on the bank, and the buildings on the Pudong side can be commanded a view. At the end of the street, over Baidu Bridge, also called Garden Bridge, is the Broadway Mansions Hotel. Incidently, there was something that the words written on the sleeve of the Garden bridge is parodied in the homepage of Japan which was rewritten with malicious intent in the summer of 2001. Though the jazz band of Peace Hotel is famous, the member ages, and when they lacks it seems not to be able to hear it.
(pic39-41) A part of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is a hotel and you can enjoy the view from the observatory there. The old residential area of Pudong was at the time of the demolition in 97 but was without leaving any trace in 2000.
(pic42-48) If time permits, the excursion ship of Huangpu River is better to treat yourself to night cruise. You can enjoy the brightly lit Bund and Pudong area both shores.
(pic49-51) The St. Ignatius Cathedral in Xujiahui is originally built in 1906 and said that it can accommodate 3,000 people there.
(pic52) It is not possible to talk about a Shanghai dish without this. I hear that the Shanghai crab is cultivated with Yangcheng Lake.

      (September, 2000)
      (September, 1997) pic6-8,11,40,41,49-51








































      Photo by INO, Shohta

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