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Wuxi, means no tin exists in the southeast of Jangsu province. Lake Tai, one of the five great fresh-water lake is located in the southwest of the city. It is said that it was having tin until tin was dug and carried out.

(pic01-02) Sheraton hotel. The sound of koto of the Suzhou nocturne received us at the hotel's restaurant.
(pic03-06) It is super market at the hotel opposite. There were a lot of people in the town though, the park at night was lonely.
(pic07-17) Turtle Head Islet. It is a cape jutting out into the Lake Tai, and it was named from its resemblance to large turtle's head. Pic15 is the appearance. The junks spreaded it's sail and fishes were gathered before, but the appearance didn't exist now. The monorail made in Germany runs in the park, the executive's villas are built in the opposite bank. They are the truths of the water caltrop that Mr. guide picks up with pic17, they make it vinegar pickles and sold in Suzhou. It was as bitter as a chestnut uncooked. There even was the stone monument of "heart of traveler in Wuxi".
(pic18-25) Xihui Park. It is a vast park including two hills such as Hui and Xi mountains. Pic25 is Dragon Light Pagoda of the Xi mountain.
(pic26) The Great Canal flows in the city.
(pic27-30) They are Wuxi station and in the special express car to Hangzhou.

                (September, 2000)

                Photo by INO, Shohta
























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