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Silkroad2-1 Travel Nanjiang
-Kashgar, Hotan-

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 (pic01) Boeing of China Southern Airlines started the flight towards Kashgar from the district capital Urumqi of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
 (pic02-04) It took off and after a while the mountain came into view. It was Tian Shan covered with snow dyed to the pink color because of the morning sun.
 (pic05) It landed safely in the Kashgar airport less than two hours' flight. However, the wind was extremely strong.
 (pic06) Here and there, the stall queued up. It is a familiar scene in China.
 (pic07-11) We arrived to Abakh Khoja Mazaar in 20 minutes from the airport. Taking a picture in the grave room was prohibited. There were senior official Abakh Khoja of Islam and the clan's graves in the grave room. And there ware graves of Islamite in the adjoining land those ware no epitaphs.
 (pic12-18) The bazaar of Kashgar seems to have been improved in appearance with present roof style for 04 years.
 (pic19) We entered the hotel, and took rest a little while. The employee welcomed us in the folk dance.
 (pic20-29) We went to the craftsmen street after took a rest for about two hours. There were people around the Ramadan food stall for Ramadan to begin in three days. It is native musical instrument Eljecc that a man of having appeared to a Japanese TV performs. Do you know whats for the Shumacc of (pic24)? The following crib is a hint. I heard that those were tools to insert from the hole under crib and to take infant's piddle. Having bent like the pipe were for the boys. The straight one were for the girls. The round breads piled up were called Nan.
 (pic30-35) We went to Id Khar Mosque to keep walking. In the mosque there only was a clock in the pulpit that indicates the service time because of no idolatry. There was a tower where it called for the service time in the courtyard. The front yard of the mosque is old central plaza. It is said that there was time when the plaza was buried by the people of the service.
 (pic36-40) It was fine weather next morning. We went to the Karakuli lake that exists in the high ground of 3600m while facing for Tian Shan over there. On the way, there was a mountain that was redder than the Flaming Mountain.
 (pic41) The presentation of the passport was requested in the Gaz checkpoint. I heard that a large amount of propaganda pamphlets of Bin-Laden had flowed in once around here where the border also bounds to Afghanistan.
 (pic42-43) The bus climbed the mountain path while we held the oxygen pillow. The snow mountain that ranges to Karakorum has gradually increased the size. The paos seen in the banks of the Gaz river in a distance is Carabansarai.



































 (pic44-47) The Kirgiz familys were selling folkcraft etc. at the Buruun lake side. The lake dried up mostly. Because of there was no wind the snow mountains over the opposite bank were reflected like the mirror where the lake water slightly remained. It was regretted that the cloud had gradually appeared.
 (pic48-50) The snow has piled on the pao in the Karakuli lake side which lies 3600m above sea level. Seeing as face is Kongul mountain of 7,719m. The snow cloud descended gradually while taking lunch and the temperature became 7 degreeC. The Muztagh Ata mountain of the lake right hand -above sea level 7,546m- has been completely covered with the cloud. It snowed a little at our way back.
 (pic51) Sheeps were pastured here and there in the mountain but they did not care about even if a person approached. Have they been accustomed or not been run after?
 (pic52) Supper was taken at a restaurant in the hotel site. The sound of the folk entertainment sounded in the other side of the curtain to the adjoining room, and sheep's whole roasting was dismantled in facing.
 (pic53-58) The next day we moved from Kashgar to Hotan taking a day. In the right hand Pamir Heights and Karakoram covered with snow were seen. We visited the knife shop of Iengizal on the way. The people who had bought the decoration knife here were forfeit them in the airport of Colra, after peeled off the skin of fruits for several days, We glanced at the place where the grave of Amanisahan was opposite to king Yalcand mausoleum in Yalcand. That day the bus kept shaking right and left though the mileage during a day was 520km.
 (pic59-60) When taking a toilet break on the way, sandlizard was discovered. The head of it was strangely round. Pomegranates was sold on the roadside. The number of sellers are more than that of the buyers.
 (pic61-62) The morning sun rises to the plaza in front of the hotel of Hotan. The first private cultural art festival had been done in this plaza at the previous night. I heard doing also in Kashgar. Is it a national policy of improving the folk entertainment for the foreign tourist aiming at the Beijing Olympics? However, that of this town had been changing into the song boast rally on the way.
 (pic63-64) There was a man of the cobblestone search who shouldered pickax at the White jade river of Hortan. At the dry riverbed after it was stirred by the bulldozer you could'nt expect so much. But the tour members became serious for some time, too.
 (pic65-69) The Mallikurwatur ancient city ruins were along the White jade river. Ten yen camera shoot fee were collected at the entrance. Mr. local guide was stated his own view that the half a years long stay of Xuanzang here were because of his going mad in wemen.
 (pic70-71) We visited the atlas silk atelier of Geya.
 (pic72-74) We also visited Hotan carpet factory. they say the sheep's wool that grew up in the high ground in mountain are used there.
 (pic75) It was Hotan town in front of the hotel where lunch was taken. It was so quiet which was an effect that the Ramadan starts or not.
                (September, 2006)








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Photo by INO, Shohta with NIKON D70 & RICOH Caplio R4.
      Arranged with Photoshop CS2.

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