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Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan that is along the branch of Yangtze River's upstream. It is also called Heavenly State, and has a history of 2000 years. There are a lot of cloudy days so that people says the dog barks when the sun is seen. It was notorious pollution city at one time due to be in Sichuan basin.

(pic01) Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.
(pic02-06) They are the town seen from the bus window. It is jammed with full buses, bicycles, and pedicabs when becoming the time of the rush hour.
(pic07) One block of the street of the science and technology was the personal computer street.
(pic08-13) Wuhouci Temple is dedicated to Zhuge Liang(Kongming) served emperor Liu Bei of Shu-Han in the Three Kingdoms period. There is a grave mound in the backyard of the temple which is said the grave of Liu Bei in a probability of 0.6.
(pic14-16) Wangjiang Tower Park is a place to relax for residents, located the southwest of the city at the southern bank of the Jingjiang River. Splendid bamboo grove heals our eyes.

















(pic17-22) There is The ruins of Sanxing Dui at the adjacent city Guanghan. There in the museum exhibited a lot of respects which were unearthed from the region that extends to all sides 1.2square km. There are a lot of masks which eyes are big and protrude and those are seemed in use of prayer. They seem to be far apart from the human face so that some one says a alien exchange theory. Recently, the theory that the Yangtze civilization is older than the Yellow River civilization is regarded as the most likely. Unusually the photographs were able to be taken here if we did not use the flash.
(pic23-30) It is the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research center. On a vast site, the giant pandas and the lesser pandas were pasturing. There in the incubator was a one]month]old giant panda. Some such centers seem to exist in the city.
(pic31-37) The water supply facilities Dujiang Weir constructed 3century B.C. and is the first iligation system in the world. Still keep sending Chengdu the water of fixed quantity. It was rain unfortunately though, in the fog, Minjiang River seen from the mountain was floating like the Indian-ink drawing.

            (September, 2001)

                Photo by INO, Shohta















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