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Qingdao is the fourth port in China that has the population of seven million. The Germans maintained the town in the lease age, and it has been called Switzerland in China.

(pic01) A comfortable road leads from the Liuting International Airport to the city.
(pic02) In the center part of the city, modern buildings line up, and the spacious sites are taken as for the street and the building.
(pic03-05) Little Qingdao by the origin about the name of the town has the lighthouse. It was possible to look about the town beyond the sea from here.
(pic06-07) Adjacent to Little Qingdao is Naval Museum. Old-fashioned airplane, vessel, and arms have been exhibited.
(pic08) Open market is a common sight in China now. There were sold from foods of meat, vegetable, fruit, fish, etc. to clothes and miscellaneous goods.
(pic09) The morning-misted seaside resort was looked from the rotation panorama restaurant at the hotel.
(pic10-12) Little Fish Hill Park is on the hill in the old German residential area. It was possible to look about the town here almost. The picture of eight legendary wizard cross over the sea painted on the wall and the symbol of the park = croakers were carved as the relief.
(pic13) Chiang Kai-shek also used old Germany's governor-general's dwelling for a certain period of time. The garden is beautiful, and a lot of couples take photographs distributing at the wedding.
(pic14) They call Ba Da Guan, eight barrier district around here. Eight avenues were named after eight famous passes in Great Wall, and had different Roadside trees. Quiet atmosphere was shown.
(pic15) The Shandong dish, origin of the Beijing dish is light and easy to eat.

      Photo by INO, Shohta









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