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Jiuzhaigou specified for the world natural heritage in 1992 is a gorge in the upstream of branch of Yangtze River at the north boundary of Sichuan and Kansu. They say that the golden monkeys and the pandas live in a peripheral primeval forest. The number of tourists from the world has also increased.

(pic01) Entrance to Jiuzhaigou. We got on a special bus with the natural gas here, according to the guide book.
(pic02-04) Long Lake is a biggest lake in Jiuzhaigou that exists in 3,150m above the sea level.
(pic05) Five-Colored Pond
(pic06) Arrow Bamboo Lake
(pic07) Panda Lake
(pic08-10) Panda Lake Waterfall
(pic11) Five-Flower Lake
(pic12-13) Peacock River
(pic14-15) Pearl Shoal Waterfall
(pic16) Mirror Lake
(pic17-18) Nuorilang Waterfall
(pic19) Rhinoceros Lake
(pic20) Shuzheng Waterfall
(pic21-22) Shuzheng Lake Cluster
(pic23) Shuzheng Village = A race cultural village.
(pic24) Lying Dragon Lake
(pic25) Spark Lake
(pic26) I hear that there is a good thing when woman's face is seen on the surface of a mountain. Could you see it?
(pic27) Bonsai Beach
(pic28) The exit of Jiuzhaigou.














(pic29-30) We descended curved slope where the autumn tints just started.
(pic31-37) It is Bao'en temple of the important cultural asset. A powerful clan in the provinces in Ming-Dynasty was built the dwelling imitated Gugong but afraid to be criticized by the central power and altered it to the temple. Stopping in front of the temple was air-conditioning shuttle bus of domestic production that run in mountainous district. It was a bit small and thick though it was more splendid than made-in-Japan old-fashioned bus that we got on. It was a set of stone lions that defends the gate in China though the two Deva Kings stand in the main gate of a Buddhist temple. There was the district where the minority coexist so that there was an Islam mosque next to the Buddhism temple.

(pic38) The satellite dish with 1m or more diameter had gotten on any farmhouse's roof. They were bunchs of corn that were hanging under the eaves.
(pic39) Harvesting rice just started in the mountainous district in Sichuan. They beat them on the edge of the wooden box for dropping paddy after cut them with the sickle.
(pic40) The bottom of the lakes of Jiuzhaigou are almost the worlds of the death for the melting limestones covers the fallen dawn trees in white. Only one kind of carps lives there which has evolved and has no scales like the globefish. It becomes about 10-25cm though it seems like the killifish in the photograph, but it is not so delicious however, local folk people said.


        Photo by INO, Shohta





















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