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(pic01) It was after dark completely that we arrived at Hangzhou. Dinner was the Beggar's Chicken of the local dish. I forgot to take photo of Dongpo Pork, the name of it derived from the famous poet, Su Dongpo, because I had eat it frantically.
(pic02-07) The Peak Flew From Afar is the one that the buddhist image was carved on the rock surface in front of Ling Yin Temple. There is a legend that it has flown over the sky.
(pic08-14) Getting back to the topic last naight, I was made to change the hotel room by mistake. It was after I had had breakfast that I was made to hear this room could be hoped for a good view of mist-hung West Lake in the morning. We went sightseeing in West Lake taking a boat.The garden of Lesser Yingzhou called a water bonsai made the best use of water and was splendid. Three stone lanterns that floats on the lake called Three Pools Mirroring the Moon. I hear that the fire of candle were lighted in them on the harvest moon, so that the lake side is shone on fantastically.
(pic15-17) Su Causeway had crossed the lake to the south and north, and had many little bridges to pass the shallop. The cluster-amaryllis were just full-blown.
(pic18-21) Xiling Seal-engravers Society is seal-engraver's and calligrapher's international associations. I was regret that I could not understand the goodness of them but if I were a dilettante.
(pic22-24) It is said that Six Harmony Pagoda also was a lighthouse of the ship that comes and goes in Qiantang River though is a stupa. I hear that it is tens of kilometers downstream from here that the large backflow is seen at the beginning of the autumn of every year.
(pic25-27) Hangzhou Railway Station was a modern building in which the escalators had set up. The brightness at night was so dazzling that I wonder the electricity shortage was of which country. To tell the truth, a little trouble occurred in this train though it was travel of about 200km from here to Shanghai. The number of the ticket of sheets is not correct. Anyway, we get the conclusion that we should sat on the seat that had been vacant, so I became sharing a seat with three Chinese. Chinese who can get the first class coach on from Hangzhou to Shanghai are limited of an entrepreneur or the businessman of the foreign company. Did the cellular phones of this three people ring ten times or more in two hours? The woman sitting in the next commenced to type e-mail at last.

            ( September, 2000 )

            Photo by INO, Shohta





















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