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Leonids; Meteor Showers 2001

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   I wonder what that commotion in 1999 was at all. It is surprising that the big meteor showers should fall on Japan, after three years already went away since the comet Tempel-Tuttle passed the perihelion. Still, Mr. Ino who loves making a racket could not leave it alone.
   A forecast said 8,000 pieces in an hour will be expected. In fact this seems to pull the maximum instantaneous wind speed for every five minutes to per hour though.
   However, the sky on Tokyo held too much cloud reflecting the town's lights even midnight had come. It looks about 80percents amount of the cloud like the same way of two years ago. But if so it is better to go to the bank of Tama-river and try to take photographs.

   I was surprised to come and see persons are so thick on the riverbed. Even there were some young men who shot off fireworks.
   I have grasped the release for two hours while enduring to tremble with coldness, and the result is these 4 pics. Though only the cloud was taken on most of them.
   The lines which are bright and short and have the same length are stars. The line meant the distance it moved in three minutes. Meteor had a tinge of red, looks the line like an undernourished tadpole or like a little scratch wound.
   Only the considerably bright ones were taken on the photographs, though at least 100 or 200 were seen with eyes.


            (pic01) 11/19/01 03:06
            (pic02) 11/19/01 03:46

            (pic03) 11/19/01 03:52
            (pic04) 11/19/01 04:02




[Data] Asahi Pentax MZ-5, SIGMA DL28-300mm(28mm).
            F3.2(Open), Valve 3minutes, FUJICOLOR Superia 1600.
            Scanned with EPSON GT-8700F.
            Photoed at the left bank of Tama-River, 25.0km from mouth of the river,
            (November. 19th, 2001(JST))

            Copyright(C) 2001, Ino Shohta All Rights Reserved.

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